Thursday, July 26, 2012

Two Weeks


My sweet stepboys. I only get to see them every other weekend, and occasional weekday evening. Having such limited time with them truly makes you appreciate every minute; every little run by the park, learning how to use the monkey bars, meals, bedtimes, baths ... even meltdowns and tough parenting moments. Can we also talk about how crazy it is to be inspired by a three and five year old? These little dudes have barely even scratched the surface of their lives, but they are bold and brave; both in their climbing and jumping, and in their loving and sharing.

IMG_4512IMG_4482 IMG_4499


  1. Adorable! I really want to hear more about the new boys in your life :) Maybe we can set up an email or gchat date sometime!

    1. Kelly!! a gchat date would be SO fun. {or even a real-life date ... i'll be up in charlotte in a few weeks!}